Teddy Bear Room - Pre-K Counts

The Teddy Bear Room is our Pre-K Class. Children are 4 to 5 years old as of Sept 1. The curriculum in this classroom is designed to stimulate and create and environment that nehances the students learning and prepares them for kindergarden.
The teachers in this classroom apply various teaching techniques with individual children and group through centers to give every child a hands-on learning experience.

The children start each day out with circle time. During this special gathering the children have an opportunity to share and discuss current events that are happening in their lives. We also make sure we discuss calandar concepts and incorporate every day math. Children will be comfortable talking to friends with author chair, theme months and show-n-tell.

The curriculum consists of letter and number recognition, indentification and print concepts. letter recognition starts with identifying the letters of the alphabet, as well as the letters in their name. The children gain the beginning prodess of phonics that relates to letter sounds. Radcliffe Learning Center introduces sight words. Teddy Bear students also learn about Science and Social Studies. This will be yearly thematic unit which will be added to centers when playing. The staff will extend the curriculum with computers and time to do it on their own.

Fine gross-motor skills are continually addressed throughout daily activities and play. Various activities such as painting, using play dough, lacing beads and puzzles enhance the small muscles in the hands to allow the students to gain better control when writing. Teddy Bear class has specific physical education time where they learn gross motor skills and help develop coordination. They also gain art through class projects. A music coordinator comes into visit weekly to enhance the curriculum.

Summer Camp

Radcliffe Learning Center offers summer camp from ages 6 weeks to 9 years of age.