Mission Statement

Radcliffe Learning Center is designed as a comprehensive child care/child development center to serve the children between 6 weeks and kindergarden while also offering summer camp to children up to age 9. We are memebers of NAEYC's National Academy of Early Childhood Programs and we are licensed by the Department of Public Welfare, Department of Education, as well as participants in the Keystone Star Program and the Archdiocese of Phildelphia Food and Nutrition Program.

Our Mission is to nurture self-esteem and self confidence through secure relationships and independence through successful ans satisfying learning experiences.

To encourage work habits in caring for self and materials.

To develop attitudes of caring, cooperation and sharing with children and adults.

To foster awareness, unserstanding and respect for peers, adults, family and community.

To stimulate a curiosity for learing and the ability to resourceful, to observe, to think, problem solve through developmentally appropriate hands-on-learning experiences.