Crayola Room - 18 months to 2 years old

The Crayola Room consists of our 2 to 2 1/2 year olds. The children are very impressionable at this age. They imitate their environment.
The teachers guide and "mold" the children with various stimuli. Play is an important concept because the children learn so much through their play. It is important for children at this age to get enough love, social interaction and independence to explore. When the children fee safe and loved, they feel they can accomplish tasks on their own and will explore their environment more thus learning more and increasing self-esteem.

The curriculum in the Crayola Room is based on monthly thematic units as well as center based. Repetition is a key factor in learning, so the concepts are continually reinforced throughout the month and school year. The curriculum introduces the children to colors, shapes body parts and new vocabulary. New concepts are introduced and then built on through child-initiated center play. The alphabet is started in this room through song and play connections.

The development of fine motor skills is encouraged through play such as puzzles, maneuvering materials, play dough and glue stick. The development of gross motor skills is encouraged through walking, running and climbing.

Summer Camp

Radcliffe Learning Center offers summer camp from ages 6 weeks to 9 years of age.